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I am in possession of an LP test disc, plain white cover, plain white label with side 1 / 2 in blue ballpoint.  Some tracks include: If, The Embryo, Careful with that Axe Eugene...  There are foreshadowings of Echoes.  There are pieces with full choir and orchestra, all studio recordings.  The person I received this from inherited it from a dead person; no known history.  I can send mp3 copies of individual tracks for possible ID.  I am repeatedly told this recording doesn't exist.  I have it.  Please help!   Dean Rouch  

Thanks Dean. My hunch is that you have a compilation of tracks from BBC radio sessions.  They were live performances, but, without audience noise, could be mistaken for studio recordings.  The piece described as full choir and orchestra must be from the Atom Heart Mother Suite for which there are no known studio outtakes but that along with all the other songs mentioned were featured in BBC radio sessions from 1969 and 1970. There are other tracks from the same sessions that could be said to foreshadow Echoes.  I suspect the album itself may have been a private pressing (bootleg), not produced in quantities for widespread distribution.  I'm not aware of any single albums, including bootlegs, that contain all these BBC radio performances together.  They do appear across a series of 3 bootleg CDs called Ultra Rare Trax.  Many bootleg albums were manufactured with plain white jackets and blank labels that had separate photocopied inserts identifying the product.  It's possible that you have one that is missing the insert but again I don't know of any instances of all these songs appearing on the same album. Please respond to this reply and I can respond with a private e-mail so that you may send me the MP3 tracks and photos of the albums for what it's worth.  If nothing else, I should at least be able to verify that they are from the BBC radio sessions that I'm thinking of.  

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