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Dark Side  
Doctor, I have been trying to identify a bootleg color vinyl Dark Side of the Moon album I've owned for years. I provided an image.I have viewed many images of colored vinyl Dark Side bootlegs and mine differs from them as the Prism is not centered, it's offset, it's in the grooves. The recording is studio (I assume) as there is no audience. However, the only sample of any other studio Dark Side bootlegs I've heard are on youtube and this recording is not the same (similar but not the same). When I purchased it, it did not have a cover, just the vinyl in a clear plastic sleeve with a sticker stating "500 pressed". Is there a "name" for this particular bootleg? Do I own a very popular bootleg that is just on non-typical vinyl from most? The recording is the complete album, no pausing or talking in the background. If you are familiar with this recording I would also like to know any details you have like when and where it was recorded. And of course, is it rare?

Hello Jim thank you for the question.  if you can please email me a photo of both sides to and allow me to do some research and I'll get back to you.  Better yet I would need to hear an audio sample.   My email is

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