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QUESTION: Dark Side Moon never been opened still in cellophane bought in 1978 when I was in New York. By the way I am english.Great time Many Thanks if u can help or advise.

ANSWER: Hi Pauline.

Thanks for the question.  I need a little clarification though.  Are you asking about the value of the picture disk?  I need some more information if you could follow up.  Does the record have a serial number or any other kind of record label information.  Did it come in a printed sleeve? Was it sold as an import or domestic release?  Etc.   I'll see what I can find out based on this information but please follow up with more information if you can.



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QUESTION: On the back of printed cover SEAX 11902 bought in New York it says on stick on label export only. also it says different cover as SMAS 11163. If possible i would like to know is it valuble.   Many Thanks Pauline

Thanks Pauline,

You have the official American release of the picture disc.  I own it too.  It's not currently worth a whole lot.  Goldmine Record Album Price Guide lists the value at $50.00.  I found places on the Internet offering it for as much as $114.00 and as little as $26.00 so the $50.00 figure sounds pretty accurate.  Keep it for the sentimental value.  It probably won't be worth enough in your lifetime to make you rich but it is a nice collector's item and conversation piece.


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