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Pit Bulls/Female Pitbull bumps


Alee wrote at 2012-08-07 21:47:49
If this pet has "always" had these bumps all over, it sounds more like Demodectic mange. Suggest a skin scrape.

Tony wrote at 2015-10-23 01:20:26
My pit bull puppy also started to get those little bumps on his back and neck. I noticed this when I tried Pedigree uppy food,I started him on puppy chow but thought pedigree was better well it wasn't, I failed to notice it had wheat and corn in it and that's when he started to get those little bumps on his skin and he began to itch. I switched him back to puppy chow and he stopped itching and its clearing up. He doesn't have fleas we keep him indoors and is well trained already at only 4 months.

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I am a Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviorist in Chicago, IL. I have owned Pit Bulls for 7 years, including rescuing and fostering Pits, and I have trained many clients' Pit Bulls myself. They are great dogs and do not deserve the negative stigma that some people give them. I have experience with all breeds of dogs, and specifically more with working breeds. I have been around dogs all my life and have studied dogs in both behavioral research and theory, as well as hands-on. I have personally obedience trained hundreds of dogs for clients. I tend to stay away from un-balanced training or "trendy" training (such as "purely positive") that does not fix problems but wastes time and causes owners to give up on their dogs. I don't believe in one-size-fits-all. A balanced technique uses positive reinforcement as well as corrections, with an understanding of the individual dog. It is not about "methods", it is about reading dogs, truly understanding them, and getting concrete results in a humane way. I have learned much from other highly respected trainers. I have fixed behavioral problems in all types of pets for clients, as well as competing with my own dogs. I also do rescue and train those dogs as well. I also have experience in holistic health care for dogs, including raw diets, nutrition, and homeopathic remedies.


I have personal and professional experience owning and training Pit Bulls.

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