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LD wrote at 2012-11-26 02:13:22
My pitbull had mites when she was about 4 months. We switched her to raw food diet and we haven't had any more problems. We usually feed her raw chicken necks and backs and she has such nice fur now and she never sheds! Her fur doesn't smell either. You should look into it. It's way better then dog food because its natural and doesn't have any fillers! Plus you can usually get cheap scraps from the butcher

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Amy Parker


I can answer questions regarding basic grooming and care of the American Pit Bull Terrier, as well as questions regarding several different training methods. I can answer some basic medical questions, however, I am not a veterinarian. If the questions asked of me are beyond my realm of knowledge, I will gladly redirect to you to another source that may be more helpful or more appropriate.


I am the proud owner of three wonderful American Pit Bull Terriers. In addition to working with my dogs daily, I am around other "bully breeds" on a regular basis. I am also a member/supporter of several pro-pit bull, anti-Breed Specific Legislation groups.

My area of study in college is not related to animal health and behavior in any way. All of the experience or education I have in regards to the American Pit Bull Terrier comes from direct contact with the breed, my veterinarian, and handlers/trainers that I am acquainted with.

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