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Michael wrote at 2007-04-02 02:23:15
Hi, I have a pit that is about 11 month, she also had patches of skin that she would scratch and bite until she would bleed She got really patchy on her face and had many bald spots come and go on her body from time to time. My vet did different things for me including the shampoos and creams. finally she tested for mites and my dog had them. sometimes when the vets check a spot, the mites may have died or moved on. so a positive test is not always possible even if they are there. I had to give my pet a syringe with meds every day for a month, gradually increasing the amount that I gave her every day. after 30 days she was tested again. Her hair all grew back and she was not patchy, but more importantly she was not biting and scratching herself bloody. we had to go 30 more days on the meds just to make sure that the mites were going to stay gone. My vet said this is VERY COMMON on pit bulls and I should not be worried. She is great now! maybe this will help you with something to ask your vet about. I was frustrated for a little while too because of the many visits and the different things I had to buy that were of no use, but hang in there.  

Ian wrote at 2007-05-14 22:45:21
Hi, I have a 2yr old rednose and she too has skin dryness. The shampoo I use is Bio Groom oatmeal shampoo and conditioner. There line up is chemical free, soap free and biodegradable (I think that is how you spell it.) Hope that helps.

Stac wrote at 2007-07-16 15:13:57
I am having the exact same problem. My male pit has been itching crazy since he turned 2 years old he's now 3. I took him to the vet and that was just useless. I spent $600+ and still nothing. So I called another vet we used to go to. They are referring us to an allergy specialist. They say allergies start developing after the age of 2 years old. I think mine is allergic to grass. We will see in a couple of weeks when we take him to the specialist. My dog scratches like crazy. He scratches his right eye, he bites at his paws, ithces under his jaw. He's at to wear a cone :( because its so bad. We can't give him a bath because he breaks out all over. We've tried oatmeal bath and organic shampoos. They say that the pollen and other stuff gets deep into the skin and giving them a bath makes it worse. I would either get a second opinion, ask to go to a specialist, or have the vet do an allergy test and have it sent in to find out what your dogs allergic to. Its not cheap, I know my vet wanted $375 for the tests. Its worth it though, I feel bad to watch my dog constantly itching. Good luck!  Here soon we will find out what my dog is allergic to.

KAyla wrote at 2008-05-05 18:42:04
my brindle pit has the same skin problem and i just recently tried this might and flea killer its called promeris i just applied it and it seems to be working. also my vet is really good about pit bulls and there skin problems his name is relling and hes in bremerton wa i dont know where your at but any way hes really good with skin problems i hope this helps a little.

LUVMYPITBULLS! wrote at 2009-02-06 03:04:26
I have a pitbull also that has severe skin allergies.  I recently just took him to the vet this week because he was scratching at his ears so badly that they bled.  What was explained to me is that when a dog has allergies, they have an overproduction of ear wax in their ears.  If this overproduction is not cleaned out throughly enough, overtime bacteria sticks in there, and it turns into an infection. My dog had a "yeast infection" in his ears from the overproduction of earwax.  So the vet has given me drops and antibiotics and they are clearing it up ALREADY! My advice for the ears would be to get to your vet ASAP because it could be a serious infection! hope that helps!

angelsmom wrote at 2010-06-10 02:30:04
My pit also had skin problems and my vet wanted me to pay $300 a month for some medication. I switched her to a grain free food that costs me about $30 a month and she is all cleared up and I have had no further problems. Look around for Natural Balance brand dog food or any other grain free food and see if that helps.

Pit Lover! wrote at 2010-09-25 04:39:26
It's a little late for this answer but in case it helps others...I have an 11 month old pit bull who has had some skin problems, some due to demodex - a skin problem she was born with - and some unrelated and apparently due to allergies.  Our regular vet was unable to diagnose so she referred us to a 'dog dermatologist'.  While this was expensive, it saved us money in the long run (while also preventing our pet from being on unnecessary diarrhea-inducing antibiotics).  Pit bulls are apparently known for being skin allergy sensitive so it's important to diagnose as early as possible to determine what your pet's sensitivity may be. It may be something as simple as laundry detergent, food/protein fed, grass, etc.  I would definitely recommend looking into a specialist if your regular vet is unable to help.  Vet bills add up way too quickly....maybe also look into ASPCA pet insurance... Hope this helps someone.  Our pit has been the most loving, wonderful addition to our family, and, while we adore her, the vet bills had to stop!  Look for a trained specialist who has treated pit bulls in the past!!

zara lover wrote at 2011-05-26 17:36:40
I have a blue nose pup and her whole blood line has the same problem well come to find out they are all have allergies to wheat,soy,corn so we all have to buy dog food whit out that stuff and all 15 dogs are better  

Alix wrote at 2013-01-06 05:43:55
Im having the same problem with my boy, except his eyes so far but he still looks pretty bad and i feel so bad. with my boy the first thing we struggled with was his ears, scratching them until they were bloody and raw. I was told mites,so that is what i had been trying to treat for about 8 months and it wasnt doing anything. come to find out she had severe yeast infection in both ears. Different vet gave me some cream to put in his ears and in a matter of no time he was better then ever. After that he started itching non stop all over developing a big red rash on his chest, giant red itch bumps on his belly, losing hair on his arms and legs where you could see more bumps under the hair, and had big red bumps that would bleed and scab over on his lip and chin. Im going to ask my new vet about the allergy shot and what he thinks, also i got lamb & rice dog food to start him on. Iv had several people tell me it works/helped with food allergy which was the problem most of the time. Hoping this works. If you havent, i would try lamb & rice for at least 4-12 weeks and see how he does, and go from there.  

alonzo wrote at 2013-02-13 01:01:30
Your dogs symptoms sound just like mine.  The best thing i can offer after having spent thousands on vet bill and meds, is switch to grain free food.  More than likely his reaction with the red splotches etc is due to grain.  As far as the ears you need to get an ear wash and clean his ears about 2 times a week, (especially if they are not cropped).  

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