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I have a pittsburg steelers ballcap with an autograph which I have searched and searched.... I have had no luck. It looks as if the first letter of the first name starts with a "P"... maybe an "O".   The number with this autograph looks to be #54
can you help me identify this?
Thanks Much


That is definitely #54, although it could be #34. It appears to be the first name starts with a "P" however, here are all the players who have worn the number 54 in the past:

rian Wallace (05-06), Mike Schneck (99-04), Donta Jones
(95-98), Hardy Nickerson (87-92), Fred Small (85), Craig Bingham (82-84, 87r), Zack Valentine (79-81), Dave LaCrosse (77), Marv Kellum (74-76), Doug Fisher (69-70), Max Messner (64-65), Val Jansante (46-51)

If it happens to be #34, then those players are:

Verron haynes (02-06), Tim Lester (95-98), Leroy Thompson
(91-93), Walter Abercrombie (82-87), Andy Russell (66-76), Bob Soleau (64), Bob Simms (62), Charles Scales (60- 61), Leo Elter (58-59), Lem Harkey (55), Paul Cameron (54), Fran Rogel (52), Hubbard Law (42), Warren Heller (34)

How old is this hat? Rashard Mendenhall currently wears #34.

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