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QUESTION: I am a collector of superbowl rings, both winning rings and rings given to the loser of the game (called NFC and AFC championship rings).  I do quite a bit of research on this subject since there is not a textbook or reference book I can refer to.

When the Steelers lost to the Packers in superbowl XLV they should have received an AFC championship ring.  I have yet to see one, or see any refernce to the ring anywhere.

Would you be able to confirm that the players, coaches and front office employees received a ring?



I've been on vacation so I apologize for the delay in answering. However, if you go to this site:

You will see a listing of AFC/NFC title rings. There is a disclaimer at the bottom by the creator of this site that says:

* - I read a rumour that the Steelers received watches. I have been unable to confirm this, nor have I seen any ring picture.

I hope that helps!

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I Hope you had a great vacation.  Thanks for the response and information.  

I am aware that there is a rumor that the Steelers received watches. However, there is a long-standing policy by the NFL, that the runner up team does receive a conference championship ring.  In fact, the NFL provides money to the team to have the rings made!

With your contacts, can you please inquire and let me know what actually occurred?  Had they been given watches, I should have heard or saw something about that in the media.

thanks again,


I don't have that great of contacts! However, I do know who to write to in the Steelers front office, so I'll do that and then give me a few weeks to see if they respond. If they do, I'll provide the answer they give me!

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