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Hello Irene,
I hope you can advise me.
I am a 48yr old woman (divorced with a 13yr old son), and have been single for 6yrs now, (not by choice) and realise that as I get older, it also gets harder and harder to meet the right person who is single with compatible personality, and emotionally available to start dating, and also open to the idea of a monogamous relationship.

I enjoy my life, and I have a pretty good life, but I know I would enjoy it more if there was someone special romantically in my life to share it with.

I go out regularly with friends, I have a pretty good social life when I want it, I also enjoy being at home, pottering around, reading etc.

The places I go out to socialise have a good mix of people rangeing from mid 30's and oder - but that's just it they're 'couples'.  Where do the 'single' guys my age or older hang out?  Do they even hang out?!! My friends are in the same situation and none of use seem to know any single guys worth dating, or who have friends of friends who are single.  What's going on??!!

Where does a 48yr old woman go to meet single, eligible guys for dating etc??
Thank you!


Dear Craigy,

Wow, a request for help from Switzerland... I've been to a few places in your country, and have always enjoyed visiting.

The truth is that all dating difficulties are common to most singles in the western world. I know exactly what you're saying when you write that you don't know where to go to meet potential partners. Women over a certain age are a lot more active than men, and you are just starting to see it. So you see lots of women out there but not so many men.

What you need to do is introduce into your life a new interest / hobby / class  etc. Something that has men in it too. But something different than what you have been doing up to now. Could be a new sport, such as running or hiking or biking; or a new hobby, such as making beer; or a new pastime, such as ballroom dancing; or a new class, such as photography, Spanish etc.

Try to go out to do at least one of each in these categories. You will find out that while you're enriching your life and becoming more adventurous, you are also increasing your chances to meet someone who likes what you like!

Another way is to be more explicit about it. Let people know you're looking for someone special. Let them introduce you to such a person. Tell everyone - family, friends, colleagues. Don't be shy about it.

And lastly, believe that you will meet that special person. When you believe in something you actively help it become a reality.

All the best -- I believe you WILL meet someone great soon :)


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