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QUESTION: Hi, I want to say that I am optimistic about a date although it seems that most are taken.  It's a myth I think.  Where could I find someone?  So far, I have that you can search for common interest groups such as discussion meetings for theatre.  My town as a theatre.  I'm Christian so bars are out, okay?  I have searched beaches and tried to make small talk.  That can be a good or unwanted thing.  Ok, Irene.

ANSWER: Dear Nick,

All places are opportunities provided that you make a move. Be optimistic, but whenever there is an opportunity approach the girl and ask her out.

The best is to go do something that is of interest to you, thus increasing your chances to meet someone with similar interests, and you also enjoy the benefit of having enough time to get to know them.

Write down your:

* Favourite sport (besides football!). Examples: running, biking, hiking etc
* Favourite hobby. Examples: flying kites, animals, photography
* Favourite pastime. Examples: European movies, ballroom dancing, beach
* Favourite learning interest. Examples: learning Spanish, Taking ballroom classes, yoga/meditation

Now try to go out to do at least one of each in your chosen categories. You will find out that while you're enriching your life, you are also increasing your chances to meet someone who lieks what you like!

Good luck,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Irene, thanks.  Now, how could I approach a lady?  She could be swimming and I don't know yet if she's single or is shy or her temperament.  How could I see I can start talking and how could I open up a chat with her?  I have seen ladies many times but I don't think that (asking if they want a friend or if she wants to be friends with me is wise.)  I'm open to your input!

Hi Nick

I won't be able to teach you here all you need to know about dating ;)

But one thing for sure -- you've got to dare and ask. Asking to be friends is not a good idea, as you figured it out yourself. First have a conversation with her, and see what she likes doing, then offer to go something together (that she likes).

Best of luck,

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