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I have been struggling with meeting women for the past year or so.  I graduated college in 2013 and since then I have not been able to date anyone.  And even in college I did not date much.  I do not like to go to bars or clubs so it is rare for me to meet someone new.  I have tried but with little success.  I'm only 23 but I'm really starting to worry.  What can I do?

Hello Brad!

While I'm sorry to hear this, I'm not surprised by it. The reality is; meeting women in high school and college is the easiest thing you'll ever do. Once you leave those institutions however, it gets much more difficult.

Here's a very important fact: bars, clubs and the internet are the first, second and third most difficult places there are to meet women. You need to have very specialized skills to be successful in those areas. Further, they are completely artificial environments for many reasons. Just consider a single one: where else do you go in the world where there are maybe 3-4 girls you'd like to meet (usually surrounded by a pack of other women and sometimes, men) and 50-100 drunk, horny guys trying to meet those same women? Further, who has the power in bars and clubs? Answer: women. What's the single most important thing you MUST have to be successful in any approach? Answer: power.

Likewise with the internet. Do you know that the average woman gets between 200-2000 responses EVERY SINGLE MONTH to an online ad? Think about that: even if you're the perfect guy for that girl, there are at least 199 others trying to convince her that they're the right guy. Then, there are another group next month.

You see, these are (quite frankly) terrible places to meet women.

Now, here's the answer to your question: learn how to approach women. That's what you can do. It's not difficult to do and frankly, it's actually a ton of fun! (That is; if you learn what you have to do - and then do it.) That's why I write books!

See? You thought that when you left school, you'd never have to crack another book in your life. Sorry Brad, that's not the way it is. You're going to be learning the rest of your life but consider this: what education is going to be MORE important to you than this one? There won't be anything as valuable, important or that returns more joy to you. Trust me.

Best regards...

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