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Planning with Primavera/rate variance budget vs actual


I have following doubts.
1. When a prepare resource pool,the rate of concrete was $100 for cum.based on which my budget was made. But when i started executing the project,rate had come down to $9(example for footings).
Where we have to key in the rate $9? After 6 months the rate has gone up to $ 13(at third floor)
How to ascertain the cost of concrete for the project and cost of concrete at footing level and other floors?
How to see the overall concrete cost variance (savings/loss) with respect to budget which was made during initial base line

ANSWER: Dear Anil,

I am sorry for late response as  i was away.

1- the different prices can be inserted in the resource.Go the selected resource in the resource dictionary . in the TAB " UNITS AND PRICES" Use the effective date to put different applicable rates as you mentioned. P6 will calculated the cost accordingly

2- use the different filters or use resource usage profile  TAB(for this option)

3-For cost variance
i believe the cost variance can be seen by inserting the cost variance column.please let me know if u r asking otherwise.Plus u can also see the CPI value to see if you are under budget(if CPI value is greater than 1) or over budget(If CPI Value is Less than 1).

If things are not clear please come back to me.

Best regards,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

My regular practice is to develop a program in an excel sheet.Once it it is developed,I would be copying in to the planning soft ware(which is possible in MSP).
Is there any way that we can copy the activity details cells in primavera from excel sheet directly?


Thanks for the querry,

please follow these steps:

-     Go to FILE --- IMPORT.

-     a dialog box will appear in front of you.Import FORMAT. slect the option Spreadsheet .click next.

-     Select the source/ path of excel sheet file to be imported.

-     A dialog box " IMPORT TYPE" will your required options.Click next.

-     A dialog box " IMPORT PROJECT OPTIONS" will your required options(update exiting project, new ..etc).Click next.

-     In the next TAB Click finish.

If things are not clear please comeback.

best Regards,


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