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Dear Sir,

I want to know how to update if we have Orginal Duration, qty, Rate & Amount AND Labour Resourse only Man days.

My queries is while updating do we need to update 1. Duration 2. Labour Resourse & 3. Quantity ...all seprately.

Or Which Type of Udating option i should select


Thanks for your question.I Would like to reply as follows:

1- You can select for percentage complete type for an activity duration, physical and units.

2- % Duration Type is preferable if you are 100% sure of the estimated duration of the activity.

3- % Physical Type is good option. As it allows us to estimate the expected completion date for an activity.In this case you have to manually update the actual units for resources.

4- % Units Type will give the option of expected finish date(manually) and it will also update the resources automatically based on the percentage you have entered in % unit BOX.

It is upto the user which ever option he wants to use but for i prefer to use % Physical Type or % unit completed depending upon the situation.

If things are not clear please come back.

Best Regards,


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