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Plant Diseases/Orange tree in distress.


qaz111111 wrote at 2014-09-12 21:05:31
Mulch the grove floor to minimize moisture swings. In California no one can water that much any more and the groves are being let to die. The mulch is proven, (numerous studies) to improve the health of the trees and the reduction in watering is incredible. I do not water all year except for one hour (with Roberts Spitters under the trees) in the months of July, august  and September (San Diego's hottest month.) Fertilize with triple 15 broadcast under the tree. You must let the soil dry out in between watering. Do not hand water, it is irregular and ends up a spiral into the death of the plant. The roots want water they can rely upon regularly or soil that does not dry out long enough to make them wither and die. If the soil does not dry out you can get water fungus that will kill the roots and can set off other fungus-es that damage the tree. Drying out the soil will stop that (google and do the research; it is all there from the Ag extensions from Univ of Florida, Arizona, California and Oregon.

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