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Plant Diseases/Peeling bark on dwarf lemon


qaz111111 wrote at 2014-09-12 21:16:06
Clay pots are notorius for wicking the water out of the soil. this may lead to some aparts of the plant's soil becoming very dry while other parts (in the center) remaining wet. Clay pots are not good for much more than decor. Perhaps you are not allowing the soil to dry out. Get a moisture meter with a foot long metal probe or stick your fingers down into the soil and see if there is any moisture before watering. You can also see if the leaves are starting to wilt a little or curl  which is a sure indicator the tree needs a drink. The soil absolutely should dry out between waterings. (Probably use the curling lave cue.) My neighbor has a grove she is letting die. It is still alive and kicking after not being watered for 3 years. Do not worry about the tree not getting enough water. Worry about fertilizing more than watering. and don't forget this is a tree and most results take a long, long time (other than the perk of water to a parched tree.)

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