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I have a raspberry patch (about 4 years old), the raspberries have

been the size of my thumb, using only maple tree leaves as mulch

and fertilizer. However my bushes appear to be dying and the maple

leaves seem to have a mold on them. Could it be the mold on the

maple leaves that is killing my plants?

Tony Myers

Hi Tony,

The mold on the maple leaves does not have anything to do with the problem with your raspberries.  First of all, the mold is most likely a decomposer, trying to break the leaves down and would not cause disease on the plants.  Second, it would be very unlikely for a plant pathogen that affects maple to also affect raspberry.  Most plant pathogens have a very limited host range and would not attack plants that are distantly related.

Can you tell me a little more about the raspberry problem?  Such as when you noticed the damage, which canes are affected (primocanes--no fruits or floracanes--bore fruit), any spots on the raspberry leaves or canes, etc.  With more information, perhaps we can try to solve your problem.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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