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The leaves on my floral gloxinia are curling/rolling under.  I have checked for insects - none.  What could the problem be?


Dear Randy, Your gloxinia, if it has just finished flowering heavily, is probably going through
a rest period.  I am assuming that you have probably gotten this plant recently, and have been watering the plant well since you got it.  Also, when watering, be sure to drain the saucer underneath the plant if there is one, since it doesn't like standing in water.  That being said,gloxinias are somewhat difficult to grow.  I don't know when you first got your plant, or when it was in heaviest bloom, but generally after the plant blooms heavy it will show signs of dying back.  This indicates that it requires a rest period, so you should start withholding water and allow it to dry out for 6 to 9 weeks.  After that time, you should repot with fresh soil, place in a bright spot without direct sunlight, and begin to water it again.  This is the most likely cause of your plant's decline.  Also possible, but not likely, is that the temperature has dropped to below 65, in which case you would allow the plant to dry out to 1 inch below surface soil before watering.  Lastly, if your plant has gotten a fungus from cold water or overwet conditions, just dry out a little more between watering, and cut off any affecting areas. My best guess however, is that your gloxinia just needs a rest period followed by repotting. Gloxinias are a difficult plant to maintain because of the rest period involved.  Please write back if you need additional information. Good luck, Melissa

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