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I live in Ontario, Canada.  I bought a kumquat tree last June and left it in the original container to grow in my backyard.  I had a beautiful blossom and lots of fruits.  I brought it inside the house last September when the temperature started to drop outside.  The tree was doing well until a week ago.  The green leaves started to drop crazy and the stem started to turn brown.  The brown part then expanded to both top and bottom of the stem.  This problem is getting worse as half of my tree is gone and is spreading crazy.  I tried to cut the stem down to the green part but just noticed that the green stem started to turn brown.

I love my tree and would appreciate if you could advise how I can save my tree.  

Many thanks,

ANSWER: Hi Kia,  Usually brown is an indication of too much water.  If you have it in a dish to collect water you must remove the water within 15 minutes as that is all the plant needs or it will rot it.  If you can get a water tester so you know if it is too wet before you water again. Not enough water is usually yellow leaves and a quick death, too much water slow death.   kathy

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Many thanks for your prompt response.  Your diagnosis is correct because I did give more water a week ago when I saw the fruits stopped growing in size.  

Will I be able to save the plant if I pull the tree out and give new potting soil without water?


Hi Kia,  If your soil is real wet you could just hold back on watering until it dries out some.  Citrus roots are very high in the soil and they need to dry out some inbetween waterings.  Inside the house may not dry out as quickly as it did outdoors.  Move it up only if it is root bound or you put it into more stress.  kathy

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