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Loblolly Pine - Yellow
Loblolly Pine - Yellow  

Loblolly pine - Yellow
Loblolly pine - Yellow  
Sir - I planted 500 loblolly pine seedlings in 2011 and another 250 in 2012; Some of the seedling have already grown six foot and are beautiful;  some of the newer seedlings are not growing as expected; a number of the small trees have completely turned a mustard yellow;  The needles are not dropping and appear to be firmly attached to the small trees - all trees are alive; I fertilize  the trees twice a year and spray when needed.  The yellow colored trees are more or less in the same area of my field;  However, there are young loblolly pines around this area that are green and growing fast.  The yellow trees are in full sun and have had above average rainfall this year;  What can I do to get these trees to turn green and to grow faster.  Thank you for your help.


I would definitely consider having a soil test performed from soil in the affected areas. Contact your local county Agricultural Extension office for getting that done.  The pH may be off some to cause the yellowing. Soil values can change from one location to another. Something like pH can make a big difference.  It can prevent some elements from being taken up by the plant.

The Extension office is usually located in the county courthouse bldg.  If you cannot find the location, let me know.  I can look up the address and phone # for you with only the name of your county that you live in.

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