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Hi,i have heard that apple trees are to be sprayed after prunning with copper sulphate and with lime.what role it plays

Hi Vivek,  I am from Florida and we do not spray anything when we prune.  I use Atomic Grow on all my plants and a good slow release fertilizer to keep my plants healthy so they do not get a fungus or bugs.  It is organic and apply once a month for upkeep.

I did some checking and this is what I found about copper sulphate Atomic is made for food the copper sulphate is not.   kathy

Toxicity to Humans
According to Cornell University, copper sulfate is moderately toxic if ingested, primarily because ingestion triggers vomiting, which usually serves to expel the compound from the digestive system. If sufficient quantities remain in the digestive system, however, it can cause poisoning with symptoms that may include burning pain, diarrhea and shock with possible injury to various organs. It can also be corrosive on contact with skin and eyes and should never be allowed to come in contact with your eyes.

Toxicity to Wildlife
Copper sulfate poses a serious threat to fish and other aquatic life. The effects may vary depending on the species and the chemistry of its habitat, but Cornell University's website cautions that even small amounts can have highly deleterious effects on many aquatic organisms. Since copper sulfate is very water-soluble, it's important to make sure it stays out of local streams and ponds.

Possible Hazards
Burning copper sulfate in air or heating it to extremely high temperatures can release poisonous gases. Copper sulfate solutions can corrode some metals like iron. It should never be combined or stored with strong bases, phosphates, hydrazine or nitromethan

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