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QUESTION: received parrot plant from friend. flowers fell off shortly after. noticed white crystals on the shaft and branches. plant seems to be healthy. what are the crystals?

ANSWER: David:

Not sure what these "crystals" are w/o seeing.  Can you take and send a closeup photo.  At this point, I do not suspect a disease at play here.  Doesn't sound like a familiar insect, however it may be some sort of plant exudate.  You may try using a magnifying glass to get an upclose view to determine if it has "legs" or not.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thanks for answer. the crystals look like sugar or salt. they  brake up when you roll them between your fingers. I'll see if i can send photo. is there any ting you can do to make them flower? thanks


These crystals may be merely a plant exudate.  Keep an eye on your plant for any signs of decline that may be associated with the areas where these crystals are.

As far as flowering, I can't help you too much here.  You might wish to do an internet search and/or contact a garden center or nursery for their suggestions.  Sometimes flowering can be associated with age/nutrition or environmental conditions.


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