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What\'s happening?
What's happening?  
Passion flower
Passion flower  
QUESTION: Panicking and frustrated, everything happened just sudden. Yellowing and falling of leaves,while not supposed to. Black little flieys sitting inside the soil by the plants' roots and on surface, crawling very fast. Saw mealy bug in one pot, very skinny cenepies in some ( brown,about 1/2 inch long, come on surface right after watering); and all symptoms now leading me to believe, many got one or the other variety of blight deals. Leaves are shrinking and all of the plants that are gone by now looked like something sucked out they all "juices". I live in Rochester, MN. Have about 200 plants: cactuses, orchid, tropical, rare, bonsai trees, succulents, some palm trees, aloes and begonias Rex, ferns, a lot of "exotic angel plants" . Some plants seem doing good so far, some totally gone, and I gonna send the image of the most severed ones.
Fill free contact me anytime for more details u might need, please.
Please, help figure out what's "eats" them; please help save the rest and understand how to prevent that's "disaster"  in the future.
Thank u so much for your time. Awaiting respond.

ANSWER: Hi Oksana,  Sorry to hear what your and your plants are going through.  The upper picture is getting too much water.  If you have a dish under it you must empty out the water after 15 min. so it does not get root rot.  Black leaf tips too much water.  You would also have some aphids which suck the life out of the leaves and possibly some back sooty stuff on leaves.  Your plants need help and I would suggest getting a guage to test if the plant is still wet before you water it.  I would guess they have been outside and now you have brought them indoors for the winter.  I use Atomic Grow on all my plants which makes the plants healthy to fight off disease not water issues.  It is organic and will also rid the bugs flying around the soil area that is from fungus.  AG raises the brix in the plant which is sugar and makes it healthy, bugs only go after sick plants.  It is mixed with water, washes off the leaves, and absorbs into the plant leaves, stems and roots to make it grow and correct issues it may have, along with a good slow release fertilizer.  You apply once a month for upkeep.  Please send photos of other problems as it makes it easier to identify the problem.  Yellow leaves all of a sudden and wilting usually indicates not enough water, black tips too much.  kathy

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Leaves off
Leaves off  

Used to be bushy
Used to be bushy  
QUESTION: Thank u so much, Kathy. Mae total spence. Will follow u advices. Here some other images. Let me know please what u think problem there. Very much appreciate ur help.
Merry Christmas!

HI again,  I think your major issue is too much water and they are drowning.  I see they are in containers and very wet.  After watering you must empty the containers after 15 minutes. Let them  dry out between watering them.  A lot of your choices above are wanting it on the drier side.  I suspect the ones doing well love water.  kathy  

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