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Plant Diseases/lemon tree problem...please help


I have a huge lemon tree that's planted in our front yard. I dont know what type it is. Were renters and the tree was already here, I love lemons and use them quite often. But this season all my lemons (not the leaves the actual lemon it self) have brown spots all over then. I can scratch/rub the spots off, but do u know what is causing this? It is very ugly and makes me not want to use the lemons because I dont know what the spots are... Are they still safe to eat. And cab whatever it is be treated and if so how? This is a full grown tree with hundreds of lemons growing on it almost all year round. The tree is the same night if not taller then our single story house. Hope u can help.
Thank you!

Hi Sam, You can wash it off so it is safe.  Your tree just needs a little help bringing it back to health.  Get a good slow release fertilizer, make sure it gets a good watering every week and then you will need an insecticide.  I prefer Atomic Grow which is organic and  raises the brix in the plant and makes it healthy so bugs go away.  It puts more sugar in the tree to make it healthy and also cleans the leaves so the sun can get in for healing.  kathy

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