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I have a large Oak tree at the back of my pond. In the last few days there has been an intestine looking "thing" that has come out on the trunk about 30 feet up.  It is white in color and looks as if to have a fuzzy texture.  I have looked up burls and conks and types of fungus and nothing looks similar to this. Maybe you have some idea as to what it might be.  I live in southeast Louisiana.


Can you send a photo? This may help with an Identification.  This may indeed be a type of conk/shelf fungus.  There are a vast assortment of different shapes and sizes to these things. If so, this is an indication that there is some level of internal decay.  Nothing to do at this point other than good fertilization/water to promote vigor.  If the tree looks good each spring with lots of leaves and no or few dead branches, you are probably OK.

But if possible send along a photo.


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