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Bark on tree.
Bark on tree.  
I moved into my Miami, Fl. home last month with a beuatiful old Oak tree. but know I'm not sure what's growing on with my tree. The bark has turned a bright green/white and I have no idea what it is or what to do about. Anything you can tell me, I would be most appreciative.


I am unable to see the colors in your photo that you mentioned.  You mentioned something growing on the bark.  Lichens are common growths on tree bark.  They tend to be "leafy-like" and are usually grayish-green.  Lichens are not disease organisms.  They tend to be found on older woody plants or plants that are declining for other reasons.  Using your computer search "Google Images" for some photos of lichens to see if this is what is of concern.  If this doesn't appear to be lichens, you may consider contacting your local nursery or Extension service to arrange for a "house call" to see this.  Otherwise, if your tree appears in good shape, it may be insignificant.


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