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Dear Dr. Vann

Located in Bulloch county Georgia and have 12 peach trees of several varieties.  Three have developed a thin, white, somewhat fuzzy appearing fungus.  It starts on the trunk a few inches below the scaffolding branches then begins spreading heavily on the underside of the scaffolding branches and then onto other limbs and up the tree.  I have sprayed with copper, streptomycin, Captan and a few others over time.  This may have slowed it but does not seemed to have stopped it.  It appeared during the summer, but so far freezing and low light have not removed it.

Checking on line I see no pictures or descriptions matching this condition. I have a picture if needed.  Any ideas as to what it maybe?


Difficult to say without seeing this stuff on the branches.  It could even be a type of insect for that matter. You are welcome to send along an image, however, but I would suggest that you contact your local Extension office to get an accurate ID and determine how/if it is significant to the tree health.  Once accurately ID'd, an appropriate and effective course of action can be determined.  The office there is located in Statesboro on Langston Chapel Rd.  Their # is 912-871-6130.  You can request a "house call" whereas an Extension agent/educator can come out to see your trees.  If they are stumped, there are diagnostic labs there in your state that can assist.  The agent can send off a sample to get you an ID.


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