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QUESTION: I have 3 Fraser furrs. Also some cedar tree and they look like there dieing from the ground up the branches are turn brown or a rust color. What should I do.

ANSWER: Hi basil,  I have arborvitae trees which do the same thing.  If they are turning brown in the center they are just shedding.  If they are browning all over like the outside in it is either fungus or aphids.  I immediately use Atomic Grow by drenching the root area with it and then spray the leaves once a week for three weeks to get the bug problem under control.  Also make sure it is getting the proper amount of water.  Cedar trees are considered arborvitae.  There are products on the market for bugs and fungus but prefer Atomic Grow because it is organic and helps to heal the plant by raising the brix (sugar) and make your plant healthy again, and you only need one product to correct the situation.  kathy

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QUESTION: The trees are turning brown all over. Starting at the bottom working it's way to the top. It was like this during the summer too. I thought they needed water. I saw new growth at the top of the pine trees. I live in Michigan do they sell that Atomic Grow here? Thank you for taking the time to help me.

Hi basil,  they probably need both if you have been in a drought and the bugs like those kinds of trees.  I love my arborvitae but not when it starts turning brown.  They like water but do not want to sit in it You can get the product over the internet or got to a fungicide and a miticide at you local stores.  kathy

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