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Plant Diseases/black spots on shi shi gashira leaves


I have noticed black spots on the leaves of the shi shi I planted this summer.  Since they are currently blooming, can I spray Malithion on them?  If I can't spray now, how likely is it that the plants will dhlive until the blooming season is over?


Best to determine the cause of the spots first- before taking any action.  It may be an insect or disease.  The material that you mentioned is for insects, thus it will not be effective for a disease if that is the cause of the spots.  Suggest that you contact your local nursery or greenhouse- and carry a couple of leaves with the spots to them. Often times these folks may have seen the spots and can ID them for you.  In the meantime, you can also photograph a leaf with the spots and send to me.  Try to get as close as you can to the leaf and be sure the image is in focus by reviewing it on your computer first- before sending it. You can also contact your local county agricultural Extension service.  There should be an office in every county there. Usually located in the county courthouse building.  Here in Wake county, it is in Raleigh.  These offices can arrange to get you an accurate diagnosis of these spots.


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