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Plant Diseases/deadora cedar was burned by a yard fire


I have 3 beautiful deadora cedars that suffered some burn damage from a lawn fire that began at my neighbors yard.
They are around 8 ft. tall and were planted 2 years ago.

Can these trees survive a fire?  How do I check to see if it is still alright.  The trunk is not burned but some of the branches are.  Not totally black - just yellowed from the heat of the fire.

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It will depend on how much of the crown was damaged. Evergreens can with stand fire and survive if half of the crown is not damaged. BUT the lower branches may not come back. You can check and see if the tree is still alive by scraping a small bit of bark off the scorched branches and if the color under the bark is green the limb is still alive. If the color is brown that limb is dead and should be pruned off. A picture would have helped but from what you say about all you can do is wait until the spring and see if new growth appears on the limbs. Sorry but it does not sound too good.  

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