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Plant Diseases/Norfolk Island Pine is sick.


I have read the other question that a Lyn had on this subject and I also have one that is yellowish...I will follow your advice that you answered her. However, mine now has a sap type substance that turns hard. And the water in drain bowl is orange.
I just use tap water...I also noticed a type of film on the branches. I haven't noticed any spiders or bugs on them. Should I clip off the part with the bubbly sap? It's on the top new shoot. Thank you, Jean

The yellowish color may be due to a root related issue.  This may be many things.  Things to check-- be sure that the soil isn't too wet.  Overwatering is a common issue with interior plants. Water it throughly, until it drains out the bottom of the pot,then leave it alone until it almost starts to wilt. Check to be sure the roots have not filled up the pot.  A pot bound plant can get stressed too!  If possible take a look at the roots, they should not be black or pull apart when you gently tug on the smaller roots.

The clear material may be a resin.  I would suspect that it will be OK if left there.

If possible, it may help if you can send me a photo of your plant.  How long has it been in the pot? Describe the location where the pot is situated.


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