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Plant Diseases/palms...and Alphids !


    I live in West Palm Beach,and have a yard full of coconut palms, loaded with Alphids. I now have 'honeydew' drip on others plants from this last infection of the palms.
      Any advise would be appreciated. I've tried neem oil and several other things [including 'dish detergents].
  Thank you very much,

Hi Chuck,  Neem Oil and dish detergents help some but they was off in a rain or sprinklers.  I use Atomic Grow to raise the brix, (sugar) in the plants and make them healthy.  The more sugar the healthier it is.  Bugs go to sick plants.  You can mix 1/4 the amount of Neem Oil in with the product and it will change the taste of the plant immediately to fend off grasshoppers and chewers.  It will absorb into the leaf with AG.  kathy

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