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QUESTION: What caused copper colored circles (raised tiny copper clustered circles on leafs?  Is this treatable.  A couple nurseryman told me this is very prevalent in Palm Beach County, FL with no known treatment available.  Most new leafs have this condition, older leafs are turning yellow and dying.

ANSWER: Hi Caroline:
Can you send a closeup photo of a leaf with these "circles"? Be sure review it to be sure it is in focus before sending.  

These symptoms may indicate a virus, however a lab analysis will need to be done to confirm.  Relying exclusively on symptoms to diagnose virus diseases is risky, since symptoms are not always clear. Plants that are infected with a virus cannot be cured.

A few questions may help in the meantime. Has your plant been sprayed with anything? When did you first see these circles? Do the circles lead to yellowing and death of a leaf? Does it seem to be getting worse?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry I can't send a pix.  I spoke with someone with th U of F extension who identified it as guava disease.  Am going to look at that to determine if this is what I have.  Yes, leafs are turning yellow; however, not those infected.


Working through the Extension service is a good idea.  They should be able to correctly ID these circles, especially if it is evaluated in the plant disease diagnostic lab that I believe is in Gainesville.  They will probably need a physical sample to examine.  If you haven't done so already, you may wish to arrange for a sample to be examined in a lab to confirm the disease before you initiate any kind of treatment. There are several diseases that can attack guava. Knowing which one is helpful.


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