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Plant Diseases/Kumquat Tree - Browning leaves?


I have a potted kumquat tree (it's about 2 feet tall) and it has been doing well in partial sun, producing the sweet & tart fruit that we love.  However, about a week ago, I decided to "feed" it by putting a Miracle Grow fruit tree steak in the pot, on the perimeter of the pot.  Within the past couple days, the leaves have shriveled up and have turned a spotted brown!  The leaves are not dry or crunchy, as I was expecting because of the color, they are still soft.  I don't know if my little tree is dead--or dying--and I certainly want to know what to do to try and save it!  Please help!

Hi Ami,  I have not read good things about Miracle Grow products.  It is a chemical and would not want to use it on something I eat.  If you could remove the stake from your plant as it probably has burned your plant.  Miracle Grow soil has also been rotting roots of plants, in case you have used that too.  I grow organically and use Atomic Grow which makes a sick tree or plant healthy by raising the brix (sugar).  It kills nothing as bugs go to sick plants.  As your plant is sick it could help get the roots started going again, if they were burned from the fertilizer. It can be used indoors or out and is made from food.  kathy

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