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We live in CT and have hundreds of Mountain Laurel surrounding our 2acre property.
We have noticed leaf spotting over the years, but , this Spring a group of Laurels that were pruned in the Fall have become yellow and spotted.
We have tried to remove the dead branches, but, it is pretty extensive.
I am afraid this blight will travel to healthier Laurels & Azaleas next to it.
Please help us ASAP as we are trying to save as much as possible.
It looks really unsightly!!
Thank you in advance!


It would be advisable to arrange for someone to examine your plants to determine what factor(s) are responsibel for the decline that you are describing on your Kalmia.  To arrange for for such a determination, I would suggest starting with your local county Agricultural Extension office.  Many of these office have trained individuals that can make a "house call" to see your plants.  You can locate your local county office by visiting  Select your county of residence and give these folks a call.

In most cases, someone can collect a sample and submit it to a diagnostic lab where it can be examined for any diseases or insect issues.  These facilities have the capacity to examine your plants with a microscope and other appropriate equipment to provide you with an accurate answer.


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