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I was given a banana tree. Don't know what kind but it is in a pot and has been indoors in the same pot under a grow light for the winter in Alabama. It was producing a leaf each month growing nicely then the leaves began to brown around the edges and look wilty it has had no new growth in the last 1.5 months. I moved it outdoors and noticed a white film over the soil and removed the top layer and added fresh. Upon further inspection I found that the soil was soggy and made more drain holes in the bottom of the pot. Wanted to know what could have caused it and if anything else could be done to save the tree.

Hi Laurel,  Banana plants do not like to sit in water they need good drainage.  If you have a dish sitting under it it must be emptied after 15 minutes.  Are you moving it up to a larger container or is it still in the same pot?  They need to be moved up to grow.  Brown edges around the leaves is usually an indication of too much water.  kathy

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