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Juniper bark
Juniper bark  
I have a spectacular Shimpaku Juniper bonsai with a problem.  I bought it last fall; it's growing beautifully but I noticed the bark lifting.  When I pulled some off, I saw small white wormy things.  They're tiny; less than 1 millimeter in length.  They aren't moving.  There are 3 holes in the bark of the tree and some purplish wood under the lifting bark.  I haven't seen any pests other than some tiny crawling bugs at the base of the tree which I treated and haven't seen since.  Can you help?  I have attached a picture of the things.


Without being able to see these things under magnification, it would be a wild guess. These remind me of a tiny insect called springtails.  They are more of a nuisance than anything else.  Use your computer and "Google" springtails and see how they compare to a photo.  As far as I know, these things are not pesky unless they get to sufficient numbers to be a nuisance.  I doubt seriously if these things are doing any primary damage- but merely occupying some organic materials. We sometimes see them on decaying plant materials and soil.

you may also consider carrying some of these critters to your local garden center or nursery to get an ID.  These folks have usually see it all and may could assist.


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