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i have an 3 yr old orange tree (i think it's blood orange),little white flowers and new leaves start forming in spring. but suddenly i start noticing the leaves (both new and old) are turning yellow and falling off, what is the wrong with my tree? please help. thank you

The symptoms that you describe are often times related to a unfavorable root environment.  This may be due to numerous issues, however soil drainage and/or soil moisture is usually out of balance (too much or not enough).  The soil needs to drain easily, whether it is in a pot or the ground.  Soils that have a high content of peat/peat moss can hold water and create a root stress.  If your plant is in a pot, you may consider carefully removing it and looking at the roots. They should be light colored.  If they are dark brown to black, this may indicate a root rot.  These rots are often initiated by wet conditions.

Sometimes a sudden change in the environment can cause leaf drop.  Things like a drop in temperature or a change in light levels can cause this as well.  This condition is often a temporary situation and the plant will re-leaf out when the condition(s) stabilize.

Lastly, If your plant is in a container, be sure that the roots have not become crowded.  This can lead to leaf drop also.



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