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my segapalm is split down the middle. it has a growth that has grown from side to side. all of the new fronds that grow are growing from beneath the growth. it has been like this for about 6 months.i have noticed in the last few weeks that it looks like there is som new fronds trying to grow out of the growth on the top of the plant. the growth is not cone shaped or round, it is morehalf moon shaped. what is wrong with my palm? do i have to dig it up? it has been in the ground for 2-3 years and is about 3-4 feet tall.also i live at the coast.


Many of the diseases of the sago palm are root related- associated with poor soil drainage.  The splitting does not sound like an infectious disease that I am aware of. It may be helpful to me to see a photo that you could send that shows the entire plant.  This will give me an idea as to some possibilities.


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