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Plant Diseases/aristocrat pear disease?


I planted two aristocrat pears in my front yard twenty years ago. One is doing fine and is approximately 30ft tall. The second one is only 16 to 18ft tall, and seems to be in some distress this year. Foliage has only about 20% of its normal quantity/appearance. Leaves are only appearing at the very tip of the branches. Main trunk has green color to it with some spots of light green moss appearance. Upper branches have blackish look. What is the problem, and what if anything can be done?


Can you send me a photo of the affected tree?  How has that tree look in previous years? Examine the trunk for loose/damaged bark, especially near the lower portion. Any excavation under the tree or other root disturbances?  I believe that these trees are all grafted.  There may be a root/soil related issue that is causing this.  There may be several possibilities, thus an onsite visit may be necessary to make an accurate evaluation.  You may wish to consider contacting your local county Extension office to arrange for this visit or you can check the phone book for an arborist to visit also.


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