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Plant Diseases/Fungus on Fig tree trunk


You answered a similar question a while back on fig tree outside that has a fungus growing on the trunk. When I tried to remove the fungus it was heavy,dense, and attached. The trunk underneath is soft. We live in Texas and the tree is ok for now, but everytime I remove the fungus it come back and it is growing.  What can I do? (You mentioned in your previous answer, on applying AG... what is AG?) or what should I use?

Hi Said, Sorry I was not clearer, probably answering your question in the wee hours of the morning...Atomic Grow is AG, it is organic and made from food, it makes your plants healthy so bugs go elsewhere.  AG raises the brix in the plant which is sugar.  Fig trees also are prone to get attacked by nematodes in the soil which also harm the tree.  AG also clears that up.  kathy

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