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We have a honeylocust tree that is about 13 years old.   Each year for the last 2 years, it has dropped some brown stuff that looks like seeds.   Now this year, this tree is just making a terrible mess with this droppings and also it is getting very thin with leaves.  Standing on the ground looking up, I can see many bare branches with out leaves..........
I am hoping you can  give me some info on what might be wrong with the tree.  We hate to loose it as it a nice shade tree to shade our house that faces west.  
Thank you


From your description, I would be suspicious of a leaf feeding insect such as some type of caterpillar. The "seeds" may actually be insect droppings. It would be important to find some of these and get an accurate ID.  Knowing the type of insect can assist with the most appropriate control.  Suggest contacting your local garden center for some insecticide advise and showing them the insects that you find.  

If the tree is maintained (watered appropriately and fertilized correctly) it should be able to withstand some leaf loss by insects.  The tree will usually re-leaf after the bugs move on- plus there are natural insect predators out there that can help keep the pest populations in check.


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