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Yellow leave  

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Yellow 2  
Hi Melissa!

First I would like to thank you for your previous answer concerning the chilis! I will look for a suitable furtilizer.
I have another problem with two plants at home.
The first plant is a tropical one, since a few months some of the leaves are beginning to turn yellow and eventually brown. First I thought I was over watering, so I gave the plant less water, but this doesn't seem to help.
The second plant with some problems is a small lemon plant. I grew this plant from a seed from a shop bought lemon. As you can see on the pics the top leaves are lighter and more plastic like than the older/lower leaves.

Thank you very much for your sublime advice!


Dear Martina, Let me answer the question about the second plant first.  I must say, I have never seen such a fine lemon tree start grown from a seed!  What the plant needs to get a deeper green color is much more sunlight.  It would probably prefer to be in full sun, or at least in a very bright west facing window if your climate is too cool to place the plant outside during winter months.  You might try to have the plant outside, weather permitting.  Also, I see your pot is inside another pot, so make sure that the outer pot has no standing water in it.  This will cause plants to turn yellow and develop rot and fungal diseases.  Another observation about the lemon is that you need to make sure you don't have any white salt buildup on the inside of the pot.  Be sure to scrub this off if it develops, and flush the pot with plenty of water afterward.  One last note - I have never seen a lemon grow this well from a seed, so I am not sure how ultimately successful you will be.  Lemons, as well as other citrus, are generally grafted on a rootstock known as Poncirus trifoliata.  (Actually a favorite plant of mine.)  Your lemon may not be able to grow to any great size, but it is an amazing effort.  Now for the other tropical plant - I wish I knew what kind it was.  One possible cause for the leaves yellowing could be salt buildup on those plants, as well as too little (or too much) light or poor drainage.  If it is in a pot inside a container, make sure that the container stays dry.  If you can send a picture of this one, it would be most helpful.  If my suggestions don't seem to address your problem with this plant, please send a picture and I will answer you quickly.  I hope this information helps.  Good luck, Melissa

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