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Plant Diseases/Chinese Pistache Tree Problem


Growth on Bark
Growth on Bark  
This tree is sick. The leaves and the berries are sparse and there is a fungus or something growing on the bark. It also seems to be drying out. We have tried fertilizer and increased watering without any improvement to the tree's condition. I will attach a photo of the bark growth. Any help with this problem will be greatly appreciated.

This yellow stuff is lichens.  These growths are not considered plant disease organisms.  They come in various colors and are common on declining woody plants.  These are the result NOT the cause of declining plants.  There is something else that is the cause.  Lichens are found on older or declining plants, fence posts, tombstones, and even power lines.

Consider contacting your local garden center or arborist to arrange for a "house call" for a professional to examine your plant.


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