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black spots and blight
black spots and blight  

Brown and yellow scale
Brown and yellow scale  
I have few date palms which are of  year old, grown in pots. the leaves of the palms have split in to that of a normal palm tree leaves.Now the issue is that the palm leaves has black spots on ot and there are black wetty appearance on the leaves. I have only provided the plants cow manure, and water them occasionally. Due to rain I had placed them in the tent all pots together. But after finding these symptoms I have removed the tend and placed them in full sun. Please provide me details on how to manage this disease. I  dont wana see my babies die...


From your pictures, I do not see evidence of an infectious problem, but I suspect environmental.  Careful not to overwater! Soils should be well drained and just moist to the touch. If possible, avoid getting the leaves wet when watering your plants since some bacteria can enter leaves when there is water standing on the leaf blades. Composted cow manure is preferred.  You may wish to lightly fertilize with a liquid such as 20-20-20.


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