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We have a fruitless mulberry tree in our from yard and had it pruned 2 years ago. This year we have noticed that a couple of branches look like they died off and some areas of the tree has that bark lifting. What can we do to save the tree or is it nothing to worry about?

The dying branches in addition to loose bark may be indicators of decline, especially if the tree is older and may have some level of decay in the heartwood.  The decay may be inside the main stem.  This is usually a slow, yet progressive situation.  Good fertilization practices (based on a recent soil test) and good irrigation practices can help sustain the tree for many good years.  As the decline progressives, you will probably start to see more dying branches develope.  The tree may reach a point where it may pose a danger to person or property, especially during a wind storm or ice accumulation and removal may be the best option. Try to avoid wounds made in the bark, especially from lawnmowers and stringtrimmers. These wounds provide entry of various microorganisms that can start the decay process.


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