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Plant Diseases/Ionantha Mexican Ball-Tillandsia Air Plant


I have had this air plant for 4 to 5 years now all of a sudden it is dying on me. Noticed a white film on body of plant. Can you tell me what it might be and how can i save the part of the plant that is still healthy and treat it so it does not dye.

Thank you and God Bless

Hi Donna,  White film could be a fungus from all this rain we are having.  I have noticed it on some of my mulberry trees and fruit trees because of all the rain and humidity.  I use a product called Atomic Grow which raises the brix, (sugar) in the plant to make it healthy.  Completely organic, made from food.  It does not kill anything, when a plant is healthy bugs go to sick plants.  It works on air plants as well as most plants and edibles.  Veggies take just a small amount to keep the critters away.  

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