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Mountain ash tree
Mountain ash tree  

Mountain ash tree
Mountain ash tree  
I live on an acreage in central Alberta Canada. We have 1 mountain ash tree in  our yard, it gets flowers on it but not really anything for berries, is this due to no other trees in the area? Also the last few years it grows good in the early summer, but then tips on some of the branches die at the tips and stay on there dried up till the next season. I have attached a couple pictures, hope you can see them all right

Thanks Grant


Not sure about the lack of fruit. This may be a better question for an arborist or horticulturist.  You may consider checking with your local garden center personnel also on this one.

As far as the dead tips go, a closer look may be necessary for the affected tip.  There may be an insect such as a twig borer that may be causing this.  If possible snip off an affected twig and look for any insect activity plus any small holes into the twig just below the dying area.  These holes may be small- such as 2-4mm diameter. If the tree is healthy otherwise, I do not suspect a significant overall impact on its health, but it is still best to try to determine the pest here.


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