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Hello.  I have a tree, which I believe is some sort of ash, that has recently developed some strange brown spots on almost all of its leaves.  The tree is somewhere around 8 years old and has been doing fine up until this year.  We had a very wet and rainy spring and the tree really grew!  I would estimate at least a foot of growth.  It looked fine and was getting very bushy.  I decided I would do some pruning to start shaping the tree.  I removed some smaller branches along the bottom and from a few other spots.  I was gone for a few weeks and during that time there was a normal amount of rainfall.  When I got back and inspected the tree, I found almost every leaf had some strange brown all along the edges.  It almost looks like the leaves were burnt around the edges because there is a black border around where the brown spots are.  Do you have any thought about what might be happening to this tree?  Did I damage it when I pruned it, or is it suffering some sort of disease or bug?  Also, do you think this is an ash tree?  I really appreciate your help and information.  I have tried to attach some images of the tree and of some leaves.  Thanks, Kevin

I don't think there is a bug or an infectious disease here.  Browning that occurs along the edges is often an indicator of a root/soil related stress.  This stress can be associated with a previous period of water/fertilizer imbalances.  Just make sure that the tree gets adequate water w/o excesses.  Be sure also to avoid any damage/injury to the trunk area from lawnmowers or string trimmers.  Physical damage to the bark in this area can spell disaster.


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