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Plant Diseases/fruitless mulberry tree dying


I have 5 fruitless Mulberry trees (23 years old) and one is dying on just one side of the tree.  The other side of the tree is just fine.  The other four trees are just fine too.  I live in the high desert of California.  The tree starts to die in July, yellow leaves and dead branches just on one side.  I have deep watered it several times this summer.  This has been happening for three years now.  Can you help?  Sincerely,  Joyce


This pattern is an indication of some vascular malfunction.  Something is interrupting with the flow of nutrients and/or water in that portion of the tree.  There may be a physical or pathological reason.  Examine the tree for any bark/trunk/or root damage.  If none seen, then there may be a root disease affecting those branches.  You may consider contacting a certified arborist in your area to make a "house call" to evaluate the tree.


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