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Hi.I was using calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer for my apple trees for so long but from last year due to heavy cost of it,I applied ammoniacal nitrogen 1.1% nitrate nitrogen 14.4% total nitrogen 15.5% .is this fertilizer is alternate of what I used to apply earlier,or I use some other for nitrogen for my apple orchards.

Dear Vivek, For the most part, if the new form of nitrogen is about 15.5% and the calcium ammonium nitrate formula was near the same concentration, then the application would be similar.  So if your calcium nitrate was around 15% and the new nitrogen is around 15% then the results would be about the same.  The actual differences between the two chemicals is really a senior level chemistry question, and I don't have that expertise.  But there would naturally be many forms of nitrogen available to you, and it is fine to use the cheapest ones.  There is also urea available; I think the only real difference with that is you have to water it in pretty quickly for it to be effective.  So if you have a cheaper nitrogen source I think that is a good idea, because you will have more profit.  Good luck, Melissa

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